About Real Green Ventures Private Ltd.

Real Green Ventures Private Ltd. is a Public Ltd registered company under Company Act 1956(1) in Register of Companies (U.P.).
CIN NO. U7499UP2018PTC110967 and PAN AAGCR2865G.

Director's Message

Dear Friends
I feel extremely delighted in welcome in you as a prominent member of the ever increasing family of RGV. It is a matter of great pride and joy that we are proceeding to such a path of glory which well lead us to success, money & prosperity.

In the present day, where everyone aspires for name, fame and recognition. Our family promises you all this and mush more. So come lets join hands and march together to a new destination to secure the future of our generation to come.

with best wishes,

What We Do

Development of barren land and convert it into agriculture land : land which is not being utilized either because it is barren or if there is problem of water logging in the area the land becomes unfit for agricultural purposes. 1/3rd part of the total land of the country comprises of such an unproductive land. Such unproductive land is available at throw away prices and the Company generates good capital gain by way of conversion this unproductive land into productive land (using the technology of drip irrigation and sprinkle farming) and after value addition to the land the profit is earned on it.


Real Estate : It’s undoubtedly a booming sector. Especially having an advisor base of all over the country, it becomes really easy and profitable to carry on this investment venture. we are trying to offer best of the facilities and infrastructure at an affordable price.


Road and Civil Construction : Under this the company engaged to undertake projects in road construction.
To put it in brief Following is the list of activities to be carry by the company:
- To convert the non-productive/barren land into the productive land
- To add the value of the land by growing orchard using Sprinkler System and Drip Irrigation.
- To develop the Herbal farming

Team Real Green Ventures Private Ltd.

The group has a strong and dedicated team of field experts and professionals who not only have vast experience but also possess deep understanding of the local market expectations. Lead by its Management, every member of the organization, from top management to frontline strata, relentlessly strive to make dreams of better living come true for everyone.